bodi is an athleisure apparel brand that strives to stick to its West Coast roots while drawing inspiration from the casual and cool Tel Aviv street style.

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  2. Date

    January 2021
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The Objective

bodi approached me with a need for an E-commerce website.
They needed a slick, yet comfortable and straight forward platform to sell their products.

the Problem - Balancing Aesthetics & Conversions

We needed tp present their minimal (at that time) collection to look like a rich, full of life store that will drive new potential customers to buy a new unknown brand online.

the homepage

We used their amazing pictures to create a catalogue look alike website.
The clothes they want to promote are in the homepage and their Instagram is featured at the bottom - a great way to increase their social presence. We created a product box using a big picture as a window to the clothes with a minimalist description.

The archive page

We made each variation to look like its own product, to create a rich full of life look to the store. The product box design emphasize the catalogue look, especially in the archive page.