Health & Beauty Dead Sea Develops, Manufactures and distributes all around the globe, top quality cosmetic Products, Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals.

  1. Client

    Health & Beauty
    Dead Sea
  2. Date

    December 2020
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  4. Status

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The Objective

HBDeadSea approached me to redesign their website. They had an old design, functionality problems in their management system and a general feeling that their website doesn't represent their brand correctly

the Problem - Organizing a lot of content with ease

Their website contain a lot of products in addition to informative pages. We worked on enabling the user to find everything he needed in the website, while allowing them to manage their website in ease. In addition to that they wanted to have more store functionalities to increase conversions.

the navigation

One problem their old website had was a complex navigation that doesn't allow the users to get to where they want with ease. I created a megamenu that makes the navigation process easier, including on mobile.

The product page

A slick product page that allows the user to choose quantity, and has informational section about the product.